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Abscesses often have the initial cause of a micro injury which then became infected, forming a swollen pouch. The axolotl will no longer be hungry, quite simply because the wound will be painful, hindering the absorption of any food. Very often it is located on the head of the axolotl (frequent injury in the mouth which may be caused by ingestion such as shrimp, or a pebble, etc.). An abscess "matures" then eventually "bursts". It is advisable to isolate your loulou in a hospital tank before and leave it in a methylene blue bath (or Esha 2000) to disinfect the wound after bursting of this abscess. You can also have it pierced by a veterinarian, but above all, do not improvise yourself in this role !!! The process can last a month, between the appearance of the abscess and its bursting. If this has taken place at home, check that there is no superinfection because antibiotics would be necessary. The axolotl will regain its appetite once the injury is no longer bothering it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Check the possible cause of this injury so that "the incident does not happen again (decorations, food, etc.).

The axolotl before its abscess.
axolotl, abcès, photo
axolotl, abcès, photo
axolotl, abcès, photo
axolotl, abcès, photo
An abscess appears on the head of the axo. He no longer feeds because of the pain of the inflammation.
D + 4 The abscess begins to decrease and be less inflamed.
axolotl, abcès, photo
Thanks to Léa Gauville for the photos
of his loulou.


The Alliance veterinary clinic also treats axolotls! Yeh!
This clinic is located in Bordeaux: 8, boulevard Godard - 33000 Bordeaux
Phone: 05 56 39 15 48

“Lucky, this female axolotl was presented to us because she had not been eating for two weeks. Clinical examination revealed the presence of oral masses. The puncture and cytological analysis revealed that these masses were abscesses. Lucky was put on antibiotics Fish and amphibians can be treated like cats and dogs!

We wish Lucky a good recovery! "

This axolotl is that of Anne Sophie Ciliberto who kindly accepted like the veterinary clinic to share this information with you, not to self-medicate but to guide your veterinarian if he is not specialized and that possibly he can contact the Clinique Alliance de Bordeaux, but also so that you know that this case can happen to one of your axolotls.

The vet gave him an injection of anti-inflammatory drugs. His treatment is spread over 2 weeks. It must therefore remain isolated.
The treatment is to be administered either in water or directly into the mouth.

abcès axolotl
abces axolotl
ordonnance soin abces

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association - JAVMA

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Le neuroblastome olfactif doit être pris en compte dans le diagnostic différentiel des axolotls avec des masses palatales intraorales. Ce rapport décrit la première application de la radiothérapie pour le traitement d'un neuroblastome olfactif dans un axolotl. L'axolotl est mort 3,5 mois après la fin de la radiothérapie; l'évaluation post mortem n'a montré aucun signe de néoplasie.

Flo, The Exotic Vet - Dr Modesto

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Comment commencer la semaine d’une meilleure manière!!

Mon dernier article vient de paraître dans le prestigieux Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association - JAVMA !!

Voilà de quoi enrichir un peu la littérature sur cette espèce pour qui peu de données sont encore publiées!

Merci à Clinique vétérinaire Oncovet et plus particulièrement à mon co-auteur le Dr Jérôme Benoit pour son aide précieuse et la réalisation des radiothérapies (souvenir de visite au Centre le matin très tôt!!).

Petit à petit, les NAC ont aussi le droit à une médecine oncologique de qualité! nous travaillons pour améliorer leur soins et avoir plus de données sur le sujet chaque jour!

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