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Cool the water in your aquarium

Method 1: Frozen water bottles.

Summer is approaching, and there is panic! The water in your aquarium keeps increasing, but our axolotls like cool water (ideally 16/18 ° C) how to do this ??? First, have leds for lighting instead of neons, in fact the former remain cold and therefore do not heat your water. Do not have a cover that will keep the heat. Besides, cover plus neon = 2 additional degrees for the water! We will discuss here the different methods, at different costs ...

Freeze bottles of water in your freezer (removing the labels that they do not end up in the aquarium), 2 to 3 for a 240 l morning and evening. 4 morning, noon and evening for 300 up to 500 liters. Afterwards, the heat of the room affects the cooling parameters of your water, so it's up to you to monitor your thermometer the first few times.

Advantage: Inexpensive

  Disadvantage: more or less space to be freed in the freezer.

Method 2 : A pedestal fan directed at the surface of the water

This method allows to gain at least two degrees depending on the power of the fan it can be more. Advantage: Inexpensive.

Disadvantage: can be cumbersome and noisy depending on the model, be careful that there is no risk that a child or a pet will drop it head into the water!

Click on the images to be directed to the merchant sites

Method 3: fan ramp

Marie bought a 40cm fan ramp from zoomalia for € 74 (excluding promotions), after having installed it on her 240L tank, her water has lost 8 degrees !! (at the base it is recommended to have this fan in 20 cm for a 200 liter in order to lose 3/4 degrees) brand Dohse Aquaristik.

Valentin also bought a Dohse Aquaristik brand fan and this allowed him to maintain a temperature of 17 degrees in mid season, for a room that was at 20/22 degrees.
In the "
Tutorials " section of the site you also have Laetty and Fabrice who share with you the manufacture of their homemade fan ramps.
No more excuses for letting your kitties bathe in hot soup!

Method 4: Mobile air conditioner (or fixed)

The advantage of such a purchase is that the whole family will enjoy the freshness of your room. The downside being the higher cost and the space taken up by a mobile air conditioner, you can find it on different ad sites but also in DIY stores, be careful not to be confused with an air cooler that uses an air conditioner. water tank system to be filled regularly on which a blower sends an air automatically refreshed by the soaked towel. This system costs around 50 € used and 100 € new, it is effective in lowering the temperature of the room by two or even 3 degrees. But without comparison with an air conditioning.

Method 5: Cooling unit

There are some from 100 € (at the cheapest) to 1400 € (and probably even more). Before you buy, ask the seller about cooling because some small (usually characterized by low wattage) coolers do not cool the water enough. So more units are needed to achieve the same effect, which a larger one could easily do.
How does this device work?
First, the water is pumped through the heat exchanger, where the cold compressed gas flows. This compressed gas is there to take heat from the water in an aquarium. The heat is caught in the compressor again and the pressure drops. Finally, the heat is taken in a radiator. A fan sucks in the new air and lets hot air out of the cooler. This was taken from another article on the website:
It is possible to run them non-stop, however this is not recommended. They are like refrigerators; They don't cool down all the time (it's naturally automated). Size doesn't matter. It's all in wattage and efficiency, and throughput. For example, compare these two coolers:
Pacific Coast CL-85 micro chiller
1/4 HP Oceanic Aquarium Chiller
The output of the first is 85 watts. 360 -720 liters per hour is the optimum flow. The dimensions are: 4 "x 4 3/4" x 7 1/2 ". The second flow rate is between 2137.5 and 3600 liters per hour. The dimensions are: 13 x 17 x 17.31. The difference should be clear. More gph means more wattage and space. While I don't want to prefer any manufacturer, Oceanic seems to be very good. However, even Mercedes-Benz sometimes produces a car that shows issues after being used. Take your decision based on price, warranty, and validity available.

Benefits :
Coolers make the temperature stable effortlessly. This results in happier fish. Please read at the beginning of this article to understand why some fish just need a cooler.
If you are going on vacation, you will not have to worry about overheating your aquarium (s).

Wattage is not the best. Consumption can be significant in terms of energy.
How to get a discount? It is so easy; Ask for it! When you buy something for more than 200 €, ask for a better price! Do not hesitate, it is your money. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And finally compare the different brands on the market, ask questions.

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