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Many wish to add "life" to their aquarium, perhaps finding the axolotl too calm ...
Yet this is the character of the animal you have chosen to adopt, prefer another in this case. There are so many accidents during cohabitation. Carnivorous fish eat or are eaten there is no such thing as "cronyism" as we often read.
"They've been together for two years and everything is going well, there has never been a problem." Good if you think you have an axolotl or an extraordinary goldfish

For information, groundfish such as ancistrus and corydoras are STRICTLY prohibited with our loulous. We do not even count the accidents (which in the process usually cost both lives which is very sad) you will no longer be able to say that you did not know. The ancistrus has a dorsal fin strewn with sharp thorns for its defense, so swallowed by mistake or reflex by your axolotl it will bristle it and plant its pincers in the palate and throat of the axo or if it "passes" it will lacerate stomach of it.
a corydoras also has a single but poisonous backbone, containing poison.
When our nice goldfish may not swallow your axolotl, it will just have fun "waxing" the filaments of the gills by seeing them move because he takes them for delicious worms. And will start over forever.

Another point : just ask yourself about the maintenance temperature of any fish that you would like to incorporate? Do you know many who will live comfortably in these cool temperatures? Survive yes but that is not respectful for any species. In addition, the comings and goings of fish will only stress the quiet axolotl, which can cause growth retardation, lack of appetite, etc.

The axolotl is sufficient on its own, you don't need other fish. respect it.

Besides, little note, an axolotl does not keep at room temperature like a goldfish but at cool temperature (16/18 degrees) at least if you want it to be at its best.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Other risks often overlooked:

Flavobacterium which the guppy (among others) can be a healthy carrier or not, it is therefore Russian roulette more information here >>>

Intestinal worms that can parasitize fish, they may or may not be visible >>>

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Donc bannissez ces poissons

de votre bac à axolotls !

The goldfish gobbles the filaments of the gills of axolotls or even its gills because for him they are simply delicious little worms!


Both the ancistrus and the pleco have formidable dorsal and lateral spines, some axolotls unfortunately tried to swallow these fish and found themselves mouth and digestive tract impaled to die slowly (3 days the last case) excruciating suffering for two living beings in the end ... The other point, groundfish love to "suck" the soft skin of axos causing them nasty wounds and burns.

The corydoras has a poisonous thorn the risks are therefore quite obvious for the axolotl!

Cohabitation not recommended

Shrimps such as Red cherry are sometimes recommended on certain sites. We have observed that this posed concerns: on the one hand, the chitin contained in their exoskeleton is not digested by the axolotls, on the other hand the peaks of shrimp can create micro lesions in their oral and esophageal or even stomach cavity, abscesses often come from these micro injuries.

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