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When we talk about putting an axolotl in "tupp", we must not interpret small food tupperware or it can barely turn over! A plastic bin is more suitable (clothes bin for example).

Nathalie Chassagne

Still water or not?

First of all, it is important to regularly consult this site in order to know precisely its parameters water from the tap.
When we find ourselves with a free or total chlorine level of 0.03 mg / l, it is as much to say that it is not even useful to let your water stand! youpiiii !!! You will need to put Will in your infirmary tray if your water contains chloramine as it puts it in 15 days s evaporate and is very dangerous (chlorine mixed with ammonia ...) The conductivity also concerns us because it us indicates whether our water is well mineralized (hard) or little (soft). Obviously these are not the only data that interest us but if you want to refine all this you can for example contact me via the site or the group, by sending me your data.

So now let's talk about standing water, do you know why? Because in this way the chlorine will be able to evaporate so here the duration of the rest depends on two factors: the rate of chlorine in your pipe water if it is very low 12 hours will suffice for others it will be 24 hours and for d 'other 48 h.
If you use a bubbler, the stirring of the water accelerates the evaporation of the chlorine, if you had to wait 24 hours you will have to wait 6 to 10 hours maximum with a bubbler.
You don't have still water and you absolutely need it now ?!
Buy spring water that is available at Lidl stores. (no, I don't have any actions with them but at some point you have to name things clearly because many get lost and suddenly do stupid things).

Either way it is always better to change the water asap, imagine you are in a garage with a car on the road, this carbon emission can kill you, the axolotl breathes in the water if it is polluted you can kill him, not necessarily immediately but his skin may present lesions (which we see more obviously in light colors), the kidneys will be insufficient, as much damage which may be irreversible, do not take these lightly. water changes. And above all, avoid putting them in a bin as much as possible, tupp. We see more and more people taking axolotls and then roaming them quietly , "the axolotl is in tupp everything is fine" uh ... no you do the prowling of your aquarium and then you take the axos. Think about them a little, be considerate. It's not a toy, a thing
In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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To put or not a bubbler?

Some axolotls do not appreciate it at all, others love it instead sticking. Beyond these considerations comfort here are the pros and cons of a bubbler:

A well planted tank provides sufficient oxygen as well as the movements caused by the rejection of the filter. The fact of installing an aerator in the tank brings only little oxygen, on the other hand it favors the elimination of C02 which the plants need for their growth. and the bubbler aspires tobacco smoke (when smoking) cooking oil vapors etc. it also acidifies water :) brief c is just decorative. Summer in aquariums rising in temperature is useful, but in this case only at night when the plants, instead of rejecting oxygen as during the day, take it .

Calculate the GH of mineral or spring water?

GH = Calcium rate in mg per Liter / 7.1338 + Magnesium rate in mg per Liter / 4.3254


Example with this bottle of Evian

GH = Calcium rate in mg per Liter / 7.1338 + Magnesium rate in mg per Liter / 4.3254
GH = 78 / 7.1338 + 24 / 4.3254
GH = 10.9338 + 5.5486
GH = 16.48

Montroucous water

GH = Calcium rate in mg per Liter / 7.1338 + Magnesium rate in mg per Liter / 4.3254
GH = 2.4 / 7.1338 + 0.5 / 4.3254
GH = 0.3364 + 0.1155
GH = 0.45 !!! (almost osmosis therefore).

mt roucous.jpg



Voici plusieurs marques d'eau conseillées en aquariophilie. Un gh minimum est indispensable sinon l'au s'avère trop douce pour nos axolotls. (1ère colonne)

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