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Maintaining the axolotl is not always easy. He can catch a lot of diseases from fish but cannot be cured like them. Here the symptoms could be those of the bacteria Flavobacterium).

This very rapidly advanced infection was treated by the veterinary clinic of Eure et Loire as follows:

The recommended treatment is an oxytetracycline antibiotic of 3 to 4 grams per 100 liters of water. It is necessary to completely treat the tank, and this during 3 days, then to carry out a water change of 50% on the 4th day. And watch the rise in nitrites because the antibiotic destroys all bacteria, both bad and good. (Possibly operate a carbon filtration for 4 days then remove it and reseed with bacteria (Biockik brand Oase, or even Bactozym only). A treatment with flagyl was then recommended by the veterinarian in case. According to him, Dolthene can be used. involved or the incorporation of new plants). I thank Flazzy Boyet for sharing his photos and the care of his veterinarian who saved his loulou and certainly others thanks to this sharing.

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