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Aquaterratec pellets

Haut de gamme des pellets pour axolotls depuis de nombreuses années, non vendus en animalerie 

Crude protein: 54%
crude fat: 14% of
crude ash: 8.5% of
lysine: 3%
calcium: 3% of
phosphorus: 1.5%
crude fiber: 0.75% Axolotl Premium Axobalance granules in general:

These special food granules are characterized by a high proportion of animal protein and protein, for amphibians in general and for axolotl in particular, with a low fat content at the same time. The proportion of fish meal and gammarus meal is particularly high in this type of granule (depending on the size of the granule between 73 and 80%), which in turn leads to very high digestibility and productivity of this food. Unlike other types of pellets, the fishmeal / oil content of which is only 30% - max. 40%, sometimes the amount of feed can be reduced by half.

Axobalance food pellets have been used successfully for years for a balanced and healthy diet in private households, zoos and in research institutes such as the Ambystoma mexicanum bioregeneration center and other research institutes and are recommended by the larger European community for Axolotl as the only food in pellets. .

Pellets 0,5/2 mm en 250ml 9.50€ -


3 mm pellets in 250ml € 7.50

Pellets 4.5 / 5 mm in 250 ml € 7.50


Ce granulé est très approprié pour passer d'aliments vivants à des aliments en granulés.  teneur en poisson très élevée de 82%. Juvéniles premier âge.

pellets aquaterratec 3mm

Junior pellets 250ml. For juvenile animals up to approximately 15 cm, feed in small portions per day.


The Best Seller of the Aquaterratec brand, 4.5 / 5 mm pellets will delight your adult axolotls.


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pellets aquaterratec axobalance

4.5 / 5 mm pellets in 500ml € 13.50

Pellets  Vita+ 6 mm enrichis en vitamines. Pour axolotls à partir de 20cm 10,50€


pellets aquaterratec vita+

Teneur très élevée en protéines et en vitamines 


Pellets  Aliment premium pauvre en protéines (andersonis) -

granulés 4,5-5 mm pour animaux adultes 250 ml 8,50€


pellets andersoni

Pellets JBL taille M 6,80€

pellets jbl m

Larves de moustiques, (plus nutritives que les vers de vase)  100 g 2,50€

Argent colloïdal en 15ppm 250ml 11.50 €

bleu de méthylène 5 gr 5 €

argent 15ppm
argent liquide.jpg
bleu de méthylène

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Paraffin oil 100 ml 4 €

Paraffin oil is a mineral oil not absorbed by the body and therefore calorie-free. It lubricates the contents of the digestive tract in order to promote the transit and progression of stool in the intestinal lumen. Paraffin oil also helps to soften the stool and facilitate exoneration. Paraffin oil is therefore indicated in cases of constipation and especially in the case of painful defecation. Paraffin oil is a mild laxative which has a delay of action between 8 and 72 hours. So do not expect an immediate effect, but it is a very good way to relieve a slight constipation or to take care of the pain associated with the emission of stool.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.