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Aquaterratec pellets

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Crude protein: 54%
crude fat: 14% of
crude ash: 8.5% of
lysine: 3%
calcium: 3% of
phosphorus: 1.5%
crude fiber: 0.75% Axolotl Premium Axobalance granules in general:

These special food granules are characterized by a high proportion of animal protein and protein, for amphibians in general and for axolotl in particular, with a low fat content at the same time. The proportion of fish meal and gammarus meal is particularly high in this type of granule (depending on the size of the granule between 73 and 80%), which in turn leads to very high digestibility and productivity of this food. Unlike other types of pellets, the fishmeal / oil content of which is only 30% - max. 40%, sometimes the amount of feed can be reduced by half.

Axobalance food pellets have been used successfully for years for a balanced and healthy diet in private households, zoos and in research institutes such as the Ambystoma mexicanum bioregeneration center and other research institutes and are recommended by the larger European community for Axolotl as the only food in pellets. .

3 mm pellets in 250ml € 7.50

Pellets 4.5 / 5 mm in 250 ml € 7.50

pellets aquaterratec.jpg

Junior pellets 250ml. For juvenile animals up to approximately 15 cm, feed in small portions per day.

The Best Seller of the Aquaterratec brand, 4.5 / 5 mm pellets will delight your adult axolotls.

as soon as stocks drop too much, rest assured everything is replenished!

4.5 / 5 mm pellets in 500ml € 13.50

pellets en 500_.jpg
Artemia eggs for hatcheries
Top quality!
5 gr: 2 euros
10 gr: 3 euros
30 gr: 8 euros (enough to raise a laying of 10 juveniles)

argent colloïdal 11 €
argent colloïdal 11 €

Argent colloïdal en 15 ppm

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argent colloïdal 11 €
argent colloïdal 11 €

Fiole d'argent colloïdal en 15 ppm. Le déroulement de la production répond à la norme ISO 9001. Argent colloïdal parfaitement pur.

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Bleu de méthylène 5€
Bleu de méthylène 5€

Le bleu de méthylène à usage médical disponible dans votre boutique est en portion de 5 grammes ce qui vous fera de très nombreuses préparations pendant quelques années. Vous recevrez la fiche des dosages avec, si vous le commandez seul il vous sera envoyé par lettre verte, lettre prioritaire ou lettre avec suivi (1,39€). A vous de le préciser.

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Paraffin oil 100 ml 4 €

Paraffin oil is a mineral oil not absorbed by the body and therefore calorie-free. It lubricates the contents of the digestive tract in order to promote the transit and progression of stool in the intestinal lumen. Paraffin oil also helps to soften the stool and facilitate exoneration. Paraffin oil is therefore indicated in cases of constipation and especially in the case of painful defecation. Paraffin oil is a mild laxative which has a delay of action between 8 and 72 hours. So do not expect an immediate effect, but it is a very good way to relieve a slight constipation or to take care of the pain associated with the emission of stool.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


Plants in the process of arrival ...

Complete lighting (6500 lumens 20 w lamp, bulb, socket) 13 €

5 available at the moment


Feeding bowls

Surprise bowls 10cm in diameter € 4.30


Ecuelle Navy 10cm de diamètre 6,11 €

Plain brown bowl 14 cm in diameter 5.90 €

Surprise bowl 14 cm in diameter € 5.90

Vendue à commander

Supernova bowls 10cm in diameter 4,30 €

1 Ecuelle vintage 10cm de diamètre 6,11 €

Bowls 10 cm in diameter 4 €

Vintage bowl 14 cm in diameter 5.90 €

Ecuelle surprise 14 cm de diamètre 7,71 €

Vendue à commander

Supernova bowls 14 cm in diameter 5.90 €


Camouflage bowls 14 cm in diameter 5.90 €







Igloos 1 arch 18 cm in diameter 13.90 €




Nouvelle couleur



Igloo 1 camouflage arch 18 cm in diameter 13,90 €

Igloos 1 navy arch 25 cm in diameter 15,65 €


3 vintages

Vendus à commander

Igloo 3 vintage arches 18 cm in diameter 13,55 €


Igloo 3 arches supernova 18 cm in diameter 13,55 €


Igloos 3 arches camouflage 18 cm in diameter 13,55 €

Tunnel en Y supernova 20/25 cm de long 25,54   €

Vendu à commander

Igloo 3 arches surprise 18 cm in diameter 13,55 €

Vendues à commander


Tunnel brun forme G 25 cm de diamètre 25,54 €


You must open your package at the relay point if an item is damaged, this is the only way to operate Mondial Relay's insurance, by refusing it after opening it and ascertaining the facts. Do not be fooled by the apparent good condition of the package. Compensation of 25 € is then possible. For an additional 2 € the refund will be 50 € and for 3.50 € it will be 125 € (to be specified when ordering). you can also choose Colissimo but the prices are higher.

Surprise tunnels 18/20 cm from 9.35 €


Camouflage tunnels 23/25 cm € 11.10


Tunnel vintage 23/25 cm de  12,88 €

Tunnel brun 23/25 cm de  12,02 €

Tunnel blanc 23/25 cm de  12,02 €

Glass tube to slide the pellets into the bowl 5.50 €

tube aliments

Sponge without trace, special aquarium glass € 1.50


Raclette with spare blade, 35 cm handle € 9.90

Makes cleaning the glass of your aquarium very easy

Landing net large handle 40 cm 5.50 €


Brush for cleaning the pump pipes 7 €

Aquarium floor cleaner € 14

aspirateur aquarium.jpg

Each vacuum cleaner is tested before being sent


Special aquarium glue € 3.90

This glue is not toxic to animals and plants. Ideal for your cuttings, corals (if aqua marine), various decorations or repairs.

Hardening: Hardening results in the release of small amounts of methanol. This does not present any danger in the case of small work carried out underwater (repairing leaks, fixing coral cuttings, etc.) with quantities of product less than 50 ml per 100 l of aquarium water; in fact, the methanol produced is immediately absorbed by the cleaning bacteria. However, we recommend that you always carry out heavy gluing operations out of the water and allow the glue to harden completely.

colle décors aquariums.jpg
protection filtre.jpg

Protective pump suction sponge € 1.50

This sponge is an accessory playing an important role in the protection of your juveniles, it can obviously be used in other aquariums to prevent small fish and shrimp from entering the filter.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Thermometer € 2.30

Axolotls are cold water amphibians, so watch the temperature, which should ideally be 16/19 ° C.

more info to lower the temperature of your aquarium here.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Landing net 1 €

These landing nets have ultra-fine mesh and can therefore be used even for Artemia nauplii.

This funny little axolotl will protect your cables and brighten them up, impossible to confuse between the different charging cables. 3 € shipping costs included

protège cable 3€
protège cable 3€

Ce drôle de petit axolotl protégera vos câbles et les égaiera, impossible de confondre entre les différents câbles de rechargement.

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axolotl gourmand
axolotl gourmand
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This bookmark will brighten up your books nicely! Shipping costs are included.
Nice gift idea.
Letter with tracking if you only order one.

marque page lapinou/ 6€
marque page lapinou/ 6€

6€ frais de port inclus

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marque page gecko/ 6€
marque page gecko/ 6€

6€ frais de port inclus

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marque page ratoune/ 6€
marque page ratoune/ 6€

6€ frais de port inclus

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marque pages aqua 8€
marque pages aqua 8€

8€ frais de port inclus

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marque page panda/ 6€
marque page panda/ 6€

6€ frais de port inclus

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marque page koala/ 6€
marque page koala/ 6€

6€ frais de port inclus

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Echinodorus / Amazonicus 3,69 €


Echinodorus / Rose 4,80 €


Vallisneria 2,20 €


Hygrophila / Stricta narrow 3,58 €


Cryptocoryne / Lucens 3,69 €


Pousse de papyrus 1,50 €


Cabomba / aquatica 3,49€


Anubias/ Heterophylla 4,52 €