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Agalychnis callidryas

Agalychnis-callidryas | France | Axolotls et Cie

Today it is the red-eyed tree frog "Agalychnis callidryas" which has the right to its article.
This magnificent frog is found more and more in our terrariums.
With flashy colors and sublimely red eyes, she is one of the most popular and admired frogs in the terrarium.
No need for CDC to have this superb species.
As it is a species that you can have here are small basics of maintenance.
It is therefore an arboreal species - arboricultural terrarium obliges !.
For the temperature it will be between 20 and 30 ° C! not worth more! this is more than enough.
For Hygrometry it will be 70/100%! like many amphibians! humidity is important.
Obviously you will increase the size of your terrarium (For more individuals) 60x40x60cm is a minimum for a duo.
For decoration, offer them terrariums with a lot of plants and branches, basically what is closest to their environment.

The ideal for this species is a natural terrarium, with real plants.
For the substrate it will be a tropical substrate, coconut, blond peat, moss, sphagnum.
Note that this species needs, as in nature, drier seasons and therefore sometimes a drop in humidity (No lower than 30%).
Do not hesitate to put a small tub of water at the bottom, towards the middle for example! for humidity! but also in case of need for the frogs.
This species is nocturnal, however lighting is recommended for your plants and moreover for your tree frogs.

Neon lighting or natural lighting, it's up to you.
In a room, illuminating the light very well may be enough, but putting a little neon is not the end of the world.
The right temperature is between 26/30 ° for this species, with a decrease in the night, with more freshness.
Last important points!
The food
you can offer your tree frogs, flies, crickets, worms, moths, grasshoppers .....
Vary the diet as much as possible and avoid prey that is too fatty too often.
For the frequency of feeding, juveniles eat more often than adults, so every other day, while 2/3 times a week for an adult is more than enough.
Once a week you will add a calcium supplement for your tree frogs.
This species is in the middle of trouble I would say. Certain bases must be respected! However, maintenance remains affordable for beginners (Beginners with a minimum of knowledge).

Article and photos by Justine Gaïa Leroy

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