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Flying Frog

At the bend of a path during an expedition in a forest plain in Vietnam, an Australian biologist discovered a new species of flying frog.
Flying frogs are tree frogs from Southeast Asia that have highly developed webs between the fingers and toes. Strictly speaking, they do not fly, but rather perform a "parachute" jump. It is an effective parade to escape a predator!

The large hands and large webbed feet of this newly discovered species offer it the luxury of being, according to the biologist, "the most gifted of the flying frogs". The "Rhacophorus helenae" has "a clear white belly and a very white eye white" while the closest species has a lemon yellow belly and a yellowish eye white, explained Australian biologist Jodi Rowley.

Unfortunately, this species, like most of its amphibian congeners, is strongly threatened by the destruction of its habitat.

Scientific name: Rhacophorus nigropalmatus
Continent: Asia
Class: Amphibians
Order: Anurans
Weight / size: 10 cm
• Division
From Malaysia to Borneo
• Habitat
Dense tropical forests
• Behaviour
Tree frogs, they are equipped with suction cups on the toes in order to
cling to trees. Rhacophores are called flying frogs because they are able to perform hovering jumps of 12 to 15 m between the top and the base of another tree. To '' fly '', they have webbed legs acting as a supporting veil. Nocturnal, they are active at night.
• Reproduction
The couple positions themselves on a branch directly above a water point. The male then places himself on the back of the female and fertilizes as the eggs she lays. The pair then form a foamy nest in which the eggs are locked. This mass hardens on the outside but remains fluid inside, it is in this liquid that the eggs and tadpoles develop. They are released by the rain which dissolves the foam nest and the facts that have fallen into the water.
• Food
They feed mainly on insects, especially grasshoppers.
• Information
They change colors with light: exposed to direct sunlight, their skin is blue green; in the evening they turn green and at night their skin darkens and becomes
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