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Axolotl anemic, anorexic

During rescues, or after an illness, a parasite, your axolotl can be extremely thin and still continue not to eat. What to do ? Several things must be implemented: give it beef heart, this being extremely protein can restore its appetite and a boost; another tip exists shared by a member. This treatment was prescribed over two weeks by a specialist NAC veterinarian and treating axolotls.

Here is the product in question

Hill's prescription Diet a / d Restorative Care for cats and dogs

It was prescribed twice a day in a large syringe and 5ml at each dose. It is a question of "force-feeding" the animal, the term can seem violent but it is in the life of the axolotl. This mash does indeed contain - 10% iodine which had initially appealed to me, so I asked for the opinion of other veterinarians, including the one I refer to all the time. He confirmed to me that over such a short period of time in such small quantities it had absolutely no impact on the axolotl! (The syringe used is the size of an insulin injection syringe.

Thanks to Lil'y Dewey and her vet

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