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Dendrobates pumilio

Oophaga pumilio
Geographical distribution: Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama)
Environment: Arboreal; This species is present in primary and secondary forests.
Origin: Breeding.
Status: Annex II of the Washington Convention and Annex B of European regulations.
Size: 2cm for females, rarely more than 1.5cm for males.
Temperature: Daytime (hot zone 25 ° C, cold zone 22 ° C), night 22 ° C. The temperature should never exceed 28 ° C.
Hygrometry: From 80 to 100%.
Lighting: Low to medium by fluorescent tube (2.0), completed with a special amphibian daylight type lamp.
It is one of the smallest Dendrobates, with these 2.2cm maximum adult; this species is a suitable host for the nano-terrarium. A small green setting in a well ventilated 20x20x40 terrarium will suit them perfectly.

Display these frogs in high terrariums with lots of branches and vegetation. Sterilized wood and natural plants such as Fittonia, Spathiphyllum, Cordyline, Hemigraphis, Ferns, Bromeliads but also Ficus (Ficus benjamina, Ficus pumila), as well as various species of moss can be used for decoration. As for all species of the genus, the humidity must be very high from 80 to 100%. To achieve such humidity, it will be essential to use an automatic fogger, allowing regular spraying day and night. The preys must be of suitable size Drosophila, Collembola, micro-crickets.
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