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Lepidobatrachus Laevis

Lepidobatrachus Laevis

Today I am talking to you about the "Lepidobatrachus Laevis".
A little frog with a cartoon head.
This species is part of the family "" Ceratophryidae "
like the cranwelli ceratophrys.
It is an aquatic species, so you need a terrarium / Aquaterrarium / Aquarium for this species with a small terrestrial part as well but in general it will not be of much use because it spends its time in the water.
Mine is currently in a 45X45 bin! you can take 60 Cm or more later as an adult but in general this species rarely moves like its cousin the cerato.
I would say that this species is diurnal to observe mine during the day! I recommend using UV 2.0 neon that is ample for plants or frogs.
Warning ! it is certainly an aquatic frog but if you put too much water !! they can drown it.
You have to put the water according to the size of your noodle, so that it can swim with its hind legs outstretched! but that it's eyes come out of the water.
For water I use filtered tap water / and bottled water, because for me the unfiltered tap water is much too hard.
Besides, like all my amphibians! I use this method.
Water temperature level 27 ° 28 ° is very good with a maximum of 30 ° during the day for short periods !.
This species is a stomach on legs indeed it is very greedy, mine eat "Red runner cockroaches, crickets, medium grasshoppers / Earthworms, and occasionally rosé every 2 months.
For decoration you can put stumps, artificial or real plants! stones, branches .....
Substrate level be careful not to put a substrate that would quickly be soiled by your frog.
For the adult size of this frog for the female it will be 11/12 cm while the male is 10 cm.
The life expectancy would be 12/13 years! generally for this species.
Be careful not to give him too much food! she would quickly become overweight which would be bad for her health.
Every two days ! it's a good ration! (+ once a week calcium on prey). This species requires maintenance! because it is an aquatic species, which is very messy.
If you have any questions do not hesitate !

Photo and writing by Justine Gaïa Leroy

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